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Effect of Different Feeding Regimes on Reproductive Performances of HF x Kankrej Crossbred Cows

M.M. Islam, S.V. Shah and Y.G. Patel

Department of Livestock Production Management, College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry, Anand Agricultural University, Anand-388001, Gujarat (India).

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal June 2020: 97 (6) - pages 23 to 26
(Received: January, 2019, Accepted: February, 2020)


Eighteen crossbred cows were randomly selected and distributed in to three treatment groups comprising of 6 animals in each and fed with different feeding regimes to study effect of feeding regime on reproductive performance. First heat after calving was delayed in T1 as compared to T2 and T3 groups. Service period and number of services per conception were found minimum in T2 while first service conception rate was highest in T2 group. It may be concluded from the present study that reproductive performance was better in modified feeding group followed by farm feeding and farmers feeding group

Key Words: Feeding Regimes, Reproductive, Crossbred Cows, Conception rate

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