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Impact of Glucogenic Precursors in Subclinical Ketotic Buffaloes

Surender Parankusham, Padmaja Katta and Ambika Gadige

Primary Veterinary Center, Kongarakalan, Ibrahimpatnam Mandal, Rangareddy District. Hyderabad, Telangana, INDIA, 501510

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal April 2022 : 99 (4) - pages 35 to 37
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Ten apparently healthy buffaloes within two months of calving found negative for urinary ketone bodies and blood BHBA levels below 1.0 mmol/L were selected as healthy group (group I). Twenty buffaloes suffering from subclinical ketosis, which were positive for ketones in urine and blood BHBA levels more than 1.0 mmol/L divided equally in to two treatment groups (group II and group-III).Buffaloes of group II were treated with Calcium Propionate @ 100 gms orally daily for 5 days and Buffered Phosphorusinj. @ 25 ml i/m daily for 2 days.Buffaloes group III were treated with Propylene glycol @ 200ml orally daily for 5 days and inj. butaphosphan and cyanacobalamin once daily @ 5ml/100kg i/m for 2 days.The mean blood BHBA (mmol/L) values and the mean serum glucose values returned to normal after therapy in both the groups. Urine analysis was negative for ketones after the treatment.Concisely, the present results indicate that the Calcium propionate and Propylene glycol are effective to treat subclinical ketosis but the combination of Propylene glycol and inj. butaphosphan and cyanacobalamin was found to be highly effective in the treatment of subclinical ketosis in buffaloes.

Key Words: Subclinical ketosis, Glucose, BHBA, Calcium propionate, Propylene glycol

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