230/19 | General Article | Livestock Production Management

Ethno Veterinary Practices Followed by Farmers for Goats in Pachaimalai Hills of Tamilnadu

P. Suresh Kumar

Veterinary University Training and Research Centre, TANUVAS, Perambalur – 621220, Tamil Nadu.

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal January 2020: 97 (1) - pages 21 to 23
(Received: June, 2019, Accepted: July, 2019)


Survey was conducted during 2017 – 2018 to document the herbal medicinal practices prevalent in the Perambalur and Tiruchirappalli district in the Pachaimalai hills region of TamilNadu. Field survey in 8 villages in the Perambalur and Tiruchirappalli district was carried out involving 200 respondents through participatory rural appraisal. A total of 21 species of herbal plants is used either alone or in combination as traditional remedies for 14 different disorders/diseases in goats

Key Words: Ethnoveterinary, Pachaimalai hills, Goats

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