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Prevalence of Subclinical Mastitis in Dairy Cows of Different Areas of District Rajouri and Poonch of J&K

Aarif Ali, Aadil Ayaz, Irfan Maqbool, Manzoor ur Rahman Mir and Showkat Ahmad Ganie

University of Kashmir, Srinagar – 190006, Jammu and Kashmir

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal November 2020: 97 (11) - pages 27 to 31
(Received: October, 2021, Accepted: October, 2021)


A study was carried out on incidence of sub-clinical mastitis (SCM) of cows in different areas of district Rajouri and Poonch of J&K. A total of 239 cross bred cattle including Holstein-Friesian cross (130) and Jersey cross (109) cows were selected in this study. The overall prevalence of SCM among Holstein-Friesian cattle in Rajouri was 37.87% whereas in Jersey it was 43.47%. Similarly, in Poonch, the prevalence among cross-bred Holstein-Friesian and Jersey cows was 40.62% and 33.33% respectively. In Rajouri, Saranu area showed highest incidence (24.24%) whereas Dhangri recorded lowest (13.63%) among Holstein-Friesian cows. In cross-bred Jersey cows, Saranu reported highest prevalence (26.08%) and Dhangri lowest incidence (17.39%). Similarly, in Poonch Mohalla Syedaarea had highest prevalence (18.75%) and Magnar had lowest (6.25%) among Holstein-Friesian cows while as in cross-bred jersey dairy cows, Mohalla Syeda had highest (20.63%) incidence and Kunnai the lowest (4.76%).

Key Words: subclinical mastitis, prevalence, Holstein-Friesian, jersey

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