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Veterinary Knowledge in One Health Movement : Key to Healthier Environment

M.Raman and R.Vijayashanthi

Project management Unit, UKRI GCRF One Heath Poultry Hub, Department of Veterinary Microbiology, Madras Veterinary College,TANUVAS, Chennai 600 007, India

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal April 2022 : 99 (4) - pages 31 to 34
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One Health approach is the most relevant global initiative to achieve an optimal health for human, animals, and the environmenton this planet as of now. With the recent devastating Covid-19 pandemic, all of us aware thatmore global predictions and disease informatics pointing out the etiology of majority of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases being either vector-borne, or zoonoticdiseases originating from domestic animals or wildlife. Hence it has become very critical and apparent that a veterinary Knowledgeis the key for initiating the one health strategy sooner than later worldwide. This is being more so after the recent SARS, Nipah and SARS Cov-2 pandemics affecting the human populations inhabiting the entire globe during the recent past.Hence it is essential to understand the importance of the veterinary knowledge that was imbibed to the undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral students of the veterinary medicine and their potential applications for the one health movement. By education, research, nature of work and practice, majority of the veterinarians are poised to treat and handle many of the disease situations of man and animals in a holistic approach considering the common platform of environment existing for both species. This proves that the One Health mindset is already an inherent part of a veterinarian through his education, practice and experience. With this background, the veterinarians from core animal health academics to clinical practitioners

Key Words: One health movement, veterinary knowledge, healthier man, animals and environment

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