234/19 | Clinical & Field Article | Veterinary Preventive Medicine

Successful Management of Multiple Infections in a Doe

P.Abinaya, D.Selvi, A.Abiramy, P.Vijayalakshmi, K.Rajkumar, N.Devadevi and S.Sivaprakash

Department of Veterinary Medicine, Teaching Veterinary Clinical Campus, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Veterinary Education and Research, Puducherry 605 009

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal November 2019 : 96 (11) - pages 74 to 75
(Received: June, 2019, Accepted: September, 2019)


A two year old doe was presented to the large Animal Medicine Unit of TVCC, RIVER with the history of anorexia, dullness, swelling at the jowl region and diarrhoea for the last four days. Previous week ve goats in the ock were died with similar clinical signs. Blood smear investigation revealed the presence of Anaplasma spp, Theileria spp and bipolar organism. The outcome of the disease is discussed.

Key Words: Goat, Anaplasma, Theileria and Pasteurella.

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