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Carprofen and Pentosan in Combination for Palliative Treatment of Hemangiosarcoma in a Dog: A Case Report

AgusWidodo, Steven Tau cLeo, LitaRakhmaYustinasari, EkaPramyrthaHestianah, Tri BhawonoDadi and Herinda Pertiwi

Sunset Vet Clinic Bali and Health Department, Faculty of Vocational Studies; UniversitasAirlangga, Surabaya, Indonesia 60286

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal July, 2019 : 96 (7) - pages 50 to 52
(Received: February, 2019, Accepted: March, 2019)


A 6-year-10-month old neutered Rottweiler female dog weighing 30 kg was referred with a history of pain on right hind limb over past six weeks. Hematology analysis showed mild anemia and leukopenia. Radiographic examination showed dysplastic hips. Thoracic radiographs revealed no evidence of metastasis. The pubic mass was isolated for FNA biopsy and histopathological examination diagnosed it as hemangiosarcoma. Treatment with Carprofen and Pentosan in combination showed that the association of these approaches could be employed to manage discomfort inicted of bone cancer patient.

Key Words: dog, hemangiosarcoma, histopathology

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