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Retrieval of Linear Foreign Body in a Cat Via Single Enterotomy : A Case Report

Mursaleen Bhat, Raja Aijaz Ahmad, Hakim Athar, Shahid Hussain Dar, Mudasir Bashir Gugjoo, and Jalal-u-Din Parrah

Division of Veterinary Clinical Complex, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences & Animal Husbandry, Shuhama, SKUAST-Kashmir, India

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal March 2023 : 100 (3) - pages 57 to 59
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A 10-month old female cat was presented with a history of vomiting not responding to any medicinal treatment. Radiography revealed gas distended small intestines. Circular target like appearance of small intestines was found on ultrasonography. The cat was administered IV fluids before being put to anesthesia for exploratory celiotomy. It was noticed that one end of thread was anchored at base of tongue and another end was embedded into jejunal wall. The small intestine plication was found which was relieved once oral end of the thread was released. Single enterotomy was performed to withdraw the thread out of the intestine. Enterotomy incision was closed in an interrupted suture pattern followed by routine closure of celiotomy incision.

Key Words: linear foreign body, celiotomy, plication, enterotomy, ultrasonography

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