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Cost Effective Replacement of Antibiotics by MonoBlok-ECS as Eubiotic Feed Additive on the Performance of Commercial Layers

J Sujith Reddy

Neospark Drugs and Chemicals Private Limited, S.S. Farms, Village Sunderpur Kami, Panchakula-134112, Haryana

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal March 2020: 97 (3) - pages 41 to 43
(Received: November, 2019, Accepted: December, 2019)


A trial was conducted using BV 300 commercial layers in two ocks from 25-40 weeks. The gut acting antibiotic growth promoter (Bacitracin Methylene Disalicylate) and acidier (organic acids and coated sodium butyrate) in control (T0) are replaced with 0.5 kg of MonoBlok-ECS per ton of feed in treatment (T1). The daily egg production, feed intake and mortality are recorded in both the groups. The production performance, mortality percentage and overall economics in terms of feed intake per egg and feed cost per egg are advantageous to the treatment group fed with MonoBlok-ECS at the level of 0.5kg per ton of feed.

Key Words: Production performance, MonoBlok- ECS, Commercial layers

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