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Efcacy of Amikacin in the Management of Recurrent Staphylococcal Pyoderma in Dogs

A.Meena, P.Thirunavukkarasu, S. Kavitha and M.Ananda Chitra

Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine, Madras Veterinary College, Vepery, Chennai -600 007, Tamil Nadu

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal July, 2019 : 96 (7) - pages 49 to 50
(Received: June, 2019, Accepted: June, 2019)


30 dogs with a history of recurrent pyoderma presented to small animal dermatology unit of Madras veterinary college included in this study. Most of the cases already given a course of different antibiotics but no clinical improvements were noticed. Sterile skin swabs collected from all the cases were subjected for culture and antibiogram. Out of 30 samples 17 were positive for multi drug resistance staphylococcus. Out of 17 samples 11 showed sensitivity to amikacin, 5 showed sensitivity to amikacin with enrooxacin and one case showed sensitivity to amikacin with azithromycin. The affected cases treated with appropriate antibiotics showed good clinical outcome.

Key Words: MDR (Multi drug Resistance), MRSP, MSA

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