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Assessment and Acceptability Evaluation of Prepared Therapeutic Pet Food for Obese Dogs

A.Abinaya, Pasupathi. Karu., R. Karunakaran, Cecilia Joseph and V.Chandirasekaran

Department of Animal Nutrition, Madras Veterinary College, TANUVAS, Chennai – 600 051, Tamil Nadu.

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal January 2020: 97 (1) - pages 27 to 31
(Received: May, 2019, Accepted: September, 2019)


Extruded therapeutic pet foods of four different types for the management of obesity were prepared and stored at room temperature (30.16±1.26˚C) for 120 days. The shelf-life quality of pet foods was assessed on every 30 days by analyzing the thiobarbituric acid value (TBA), tyrosine value (TV), total plate count and yeast and mould count. The high-protein high- bre diet revealed higher TBA and TV of 2.61 mg malondialdehyde/kg and 97.46 mg/100 g, respectively, on 120th day. The pet owners’ opinion on the prepared pet food revealed that the overall acceptability of the pet food was good without any complaints. Thus, the prepared pet foods packed in LDPE bags can be safely stored up to 120 days at room temperature without any quality deterioration

Key Words: Therapeutic Pet Food, Acceptability, Obese dogs

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