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Biochemical Changes in Subclinical Ketotic Buffaloes

Surender Parankusham

Primary Veterinary Center, Kongarakalan. Rangareddy District. Telangana, India 501510

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal August 2022: 99 (8) - pages 25 to 28
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The present investigation was taken up in Ibrahimpatnammandal of Ranga Reddy district which lasted 6 months (March to August, 2018) to find biochemical changes in Sub Clinical Ketotic (SCK) buffaloes within two months of calving. Ten apparently healthy buffaloes within two months of calving (Group I) negative for urinary ketone bodies and blood BHBA (Beta Hydroxy Butyric Acid) levels below 1.0 mmol/L were selected. Twenty buffaloes suffering from subclinical ketosis, which were positive for ketones in urine and blood BHBA levels more than 1.0 mmol/L considered as target group (group II). There was no significant difference in the values of temperature, pulse, respiratory rate and rumen movements between animals of healthy group and animals suffering with subclinical ketosis, which indicated that subclinical ketosis had no significant effect on the above parameters in the target group. This study shows highly significant (p<0.01) decrease in serum glucose levels and highly significant (p<0.01) increase in blood BHBA levels in SCK buffaloes. The serum calcium, phosphorus and total cholesterol levels decreased significantly. Serum AST, magnesium, total protein, albumin, BUN levels variations may depend on the severity of the SCK (BHBA levels). No variation of creatinine levels in SCK buffaloes observed

Key Words: Buffaloes, Subclinical ketosis, Glucose, BHBA

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