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Management of Fetal Maceration in a Cross Bred Jersey Cow - A Case Report

P. Ramesh, G.S. Haritha, B. Srilatha and K. Prabhakar Rao

College of Veterinary Science, Garividi, Andhra Pradesh, India

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal December 2022 : 99 (12) - pages 53 to 55
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A six month pregnant cross bred Jersey cow under second lactation was referred to the Veterinary Clinical Complex, Garividi with the history of straining, mild blood tinged purulent vaginal discharge since 15 days. Upon detailed clinical examination of affected animal all the vital parameters were within normal range. Per rectal examination revealed firm and thick walled uterus with crepitating fetal mass and relative reduction in size of the uterus. On vaginal examination, two finger cervical dilatation and foul smelling mucopurulent discharge from the vagina was noticed on the day of presentation. Trans rectal ultrasonography revealed scanty fluid within the contracted uterus and fragments of fetal skeleton. The condition was diagnosed as Fetal maceration. Treatment was provided with Inj. PGF2α, dexamethasone and calcium borogluconate. After 48 hours of treatment expulsion of mucopurulent discharges from vagina with partial dilatation of cervix was noticed. Macerated bony fetal parts were removed manually under the guidance of transrectal ultrasonography and the cow recovered uneventfully.

Key Words: Cervical dilatation, Fetal maceration, Metritis, Purulent discharges.

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