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Concurrent Clinical Coccidiosis and Subclinical Babesiosis in an Adult Cattle

S. Saravanan, T. Mohanapriya, K.K. PonnuSwamy, P. A. Enbavelan, R.C. SundaraRajanand R. Ramprabhu

Department of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary College and Research Institute, TANUVAS, Tirunelveli-627 358, Tamil Nadu.

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal September 2019 : 96 (09) - pages 76 to 77
(Received: April, 2019, Accepted: June, 2019)


A three years old Jersey cross bred cow was presented with the signs of lympahadenopathy and catarrhal diarrhoea. Examination of faecal and peripheral blood smears revealed Eimeria spp. and Babesia bigemina. Haemato-biochemical analysis revealed alterations in the serum biochemical values. The case was successfully treated with sulphadimidine and diminazene aceturate with supportive therapy

Key Words: Eimeria spp., Babesia bigemina, Sulphadimidine, Diminazeneaceturate, Haemato- biochemical analysis

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