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A Rare Case of Complete Duodenal Obstruction Due to Intra-Luminal Adhesion and Scar Tissue Formation and its Successful Surgical Reconstruction in a Cat

M. Madeena Begum, V. Bhuvaneshwari and S. Tina Roshini

Heart2heart Veterinary Hospital, No.3, Leith Castle Center Street, Santhome, Chennai-600028, Tamil Nadu.

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal April 2019 : 96 (4) - pages 69 to 70
(Received: October, 2018, Accepted: December, 2018)


A one and half year old female domestic short hair breed cat was brought to the out-patient unit of the hospital in anemaciated condition. Animal had a history of chronic vomiting, dullness and loss of body weightfor the past two months. Complete anorexia and loss of bowl movement was reported for the past one week. Contrast radiographic study revealed complete retention of barium in the stomach and vomited after twelve hours. Condition was diagnosed as GI tract obstruction. Blood was collected for hemato-biochemical analysis. Animal was stabilized with intravenous fluid therapy and exploratory celiotomy was performed. The condition was diagnosed ascomplete duodenal obstruction due to intra-luminal adhesion and scar tissue formation. The affected part of duodenum was resection and the intestinal tract was reconstructed by end to end anastomosis technique. Post-operatively the animal was maintained with intravenous fluid and antibiotic therapy for five days and seven days respectively. Skin sutures were removed on 7th post-operative day and the animal made an uneventful recovery.

Key Words: Duodenum, Adhesion, Obstruction and Cat.

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