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Piroplasmosis in a Domestic Cat - A Case Report

Serinmary Pulikkottil Rejimon, Varsha Mary Mathai, Sherin B. Sarangom, Ajay Gopinath, C. S. Neethu and Seeja Sundaran

District Veterinary Centre, Kannur, Kerala, India - 670 001

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal October 2022 : 99 (10) - pages 66 to 67
(Received: , Accepted: )


Feline babesiosis is reported sporadically from many countries but widely studied only in South Africa for its clinical significance. In Kerala, India, according to the available literature, feline babesiosis has not been reported to cause fatality in the host. A one-year-old non-descript domestic cat was presented with lethargy, dullness, pallor and elevated body temperature. Haematological evaluation revealed severe anaemia and leukopenia. On blood smear examination, Babesia vogeli like piroplasms were found in plenty. Ultrasonographic examination showed marked splenomegaly. The condition was tentatively diagnosed as feline babesiosis and the cat succumbed to death before any treatment could be initiated.

Key Words: Feline babesiosis, Babesia felis, Piroplasms

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