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A Rare Case of Dystocia Due to Open Fontanelle in a Jersey Crossbred Cow – A Case Report

K.Prabhakar Rao, P.Ramesh and B.Prakash Kumar

Veterinary Clinical Complex, College of Veterinary Science, Garividi, Andhra Pradesh

Published in the Indian Veterinary Journal December 2020 : 97 (12) - pages 43 to 45
(Received: June, 2021, Accepted: December, 2021)


A Jersey Crossbred cow was presented under recumbency to the Veterinary Clinical Complex, College of Veterinary Science, Garividi with a history of dystocia. Per vaginal examination revealed anterior presentation, dorso-sacral position with extended forelimbs, absence of the fetal fluids and fetal movements, and huge bulge over the forehead region of the fetus. Dystocia was attended under epidural anesthesia followed by infusion of 5% carboxymethylcellulose into the uterus as a lubricant. A stab incision was made over the bulge on the fetal head, drained fluids and relieved dead fetus. The postmortem finding of the fetus revealed open fontanelle with an abnormal sac formed as a result of cyst formation and the huge gap at the frontal bones. Non-availability of published data on occurrence of open fontanelle in cattle denotes the rarity of this condition in cows.

Key Words: Bovine, Dystocia, Fetal defect, Open Fontanelle

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