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Table of Contents - Volume No. 92 - November - 2015

Polymerase Chain Reaction Based Detection of Aspergillus fumigatus in Layer Chicken
C.Jayanthi, A.Sankaranarayanan, S.Balasubramanian and B.Puvarajan
Heat Stress Induced Alteration in Blood Biochemical Profile of Lactating Buffaloes During Summer Season
Prasanta Chabukdhara, Shashi Nayyar, Rajesh Jindal and Chandrasekhar Mukhopahyay
Isolation, Identification and Antibiogram of Streptococcus Agalactiae Isolated from the Bovine Mastitis
A.G. Bhagat, H.N. Kher, A.I. Dadawala, H.C. Chauhan, B.S. Chandel and N.M. Shah
An Outbreak of Chorioptic Mange on Goat in a Farm at Gulbarga District, Karnataka, India
N.K. Dharanesha, K.J. Ananda, Joseph Cyrus, Jaya, N. Lakkundi, P. Giridhar and M.D. Venkatesh
Seroprevalence of Ovine Brucellosis in North Gujarat and Kutchh Regions of Gujarat by i-ELISA and its Comparison with RBPT and STAT
A.J. Kotadiya, Pankaj Kumar, K.M. Patel, M.V. Patel, S.I. Shroff, A.I. Dadawala, M.D. Shrimali, A. Bhagat, B.S. Chandel and N.M. Shah
Copper Metal Freeze Branding in Sahiwal Cattle
Arvind K. Nandanwar, Sharad Mishra, D. Bhonsle, Vikas Khune and Ashutosh Dubey
Surgical Management of Bilateral Femur Fracture in a Dog – A Case Report
R. Ramesh, S. Ayyappan, N.V.V. Hari Krishna and R.Jayaprakash
Anaesthetic Qualities and Complications of Different Anaesthetic Combinations During Thoracotomy in Cattle
R.Thangadurai, S.Kathirvel, S.Senthilkumar, S.Dharmaceelan and N.Rajendran
Surgical Management of Upward Fixation of Patella in a Donkey
Viram Varshneya, Brajesh Kumar, B. Bharti and Satyaveer Singh
Ileal Ileus Caused by Phytobezoar in a She Buffalo - A Case Report
S. Dharmaceelan, K. Jayakumar, S. Senthilkumar, S. Kathirvel, A. Kumaresan, V. Amritha, D. Vishnugurubaran and N. Rajendran
Polyester Resin Plastination for Light Weight Poultry Specimens
S.Sivagnanam, Geetha Ramesh and T.A. Kannan
Performance of Gramapriya Birds Under Farm and Village Management Condition in Chotanagpur
Nishant Patel, A. K. Shrivastava, Ravindra Kumar and Sushil Prasad
Calcium Status of Clinically Affected Dairy Animals of Eastern Haryana
Anita Ganguly, Vandna Bhanot, Harpreet Singh, R.S.Bisla and S.S. Chaudhri
Outbreak of Infectious Kerato conjunctivitis in Calves and its Successful Management
J.S.Soodan, Abha Tikoo, M. Adil , Maninder Singh and R.Kalha
Multicentric Cutaneous Follicular Lymphoma in a Buffalo Bull: Gross and Histopathological Study
V.S. Dhaygude, G.R. Deshmukh, R.S. Kalge, G.B. Kulkarni and P.R. Rathod
Haemangiosarcoma of Prepucial Mucosa in a Dog
D.S. Gavhane, D.P. Kadam, A.K. Mhase, G.K. Sawale, V.S. Dhaygude, P.V. Meshram and M.H. Yadav
Giant Intestinal Fluke in Swine
M. Rout and G. Saikumar
Performance of Khaki Campbell Ducks in the Phek District of Nagaland
Debojyoti Borkotoky, P.R. Dutta, J.K. Chamuah and R.K. Singh


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