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Table of Contents - Volume No. 92 - October - 2015

Study on Carcass Traits of Local Goats of Rohilkhand Under Different Weaning Systems
B.H.M. Patel, R. Rangaswamy, D. Upadhyay, S. Kerketta and G.K. Gaur
Prevalence of Uterine Neoplasia in Slaughter House Cross Bred Genitalia
K. Sunny Praveen, K. Mouli Krishna and Ch. Srilatha
Histo- Micrograph and Structural Qualities of Value Added Buffalo Meat Loaves at Refrigerated Storage
K. Dushyanthan, R. Narendra Babu, Vasanthi Suresh, R. Ramani and Robinson. J.J. Abraham
Growth Performance of Mandya Lambs Under Farm Management
Nagaraja Ramakrishanappa, R.M. Sreesujatha, S. Naveen Kumar, G.U. Manju and Y.S. Roopa Devi
Fenugreek Residue as Feed Additive for Broilers
M.R.Purshothaman, D.Chandrasekaran, P.Vasanthakumar and S.R.Janani
Incidence of Tibiotarsal Rotation and Its Effect on Production Performance in Emu Birds
C.Mehala, P.N.Richard Jagatheesan, P.Senthil Kumar, A.Paramasivam and A.Clement Ebenezer Henry
Genetic Studies on Test Day Milk Yields in Murrah Buffaloes
S.K. Sangwan, S.S. Dhaka, A.S. Yadav and B.L. Pander
Epidemiology of Infectious Coryza in South Coastal Districts of Andhra Pradesh
T.M. Nabeel Mohammad, B. Sreedevi and B. Shobhamani
Factors Influencing the Consumption of Alternate Poultry Meat in Chennai City, India
K. Chitrambigai, A. Serma Saravana Pandian, J.Shilpa Shree and M.Prabu
Management of Teat Injuries Using Collagen Based Cream of Silver Sulfadiazine in Cattle - A Clinical Study
N. Arul Jothi, T.P. Balagopalan, P. Thiruselvame, B. Ramesh Kumar and S. Thilagar
Surgical Management of Uterine Torsion in a Bitch
N.Arunmozhi, T.Sathiamoorthy, P.Sridevi and Cecilia Joseph
Hyphaema in a Working Stallion– A Case Report
B. Bharti, Satyaveer Singh and R.K. Chittora
Management of Renal Form of Equine Leptospirosis – A Case Report
B. Gowri, D. Chandrasekaran, P.A. Enbavelan, S. Kavitha, S. Subapriya and P.S. Thirunavukkarasu
Fracture of Tubercoxae in a Buffalo : A Cause of Dystocia and its Clinical Management
A. K. Singh, R. U. Amin, Bilawal Singh, Gurdip Singh, V. K. Singla and P. S. Brar
Isoflurane Anaesthesia in Wolf Snake (Lycodon aulicus)
D. Kalita, A.K. Pachoni, S. Ali, P. Deori and P. Kakati
Feeding Practices of Pigs in Hill District of Assam
Monosri Johari, K.K. Saharia, Koushik Kakoty, L. Sanathoi Khuman and Tarun Kr. Saikia
Prostaglandin Induced Milk Flow Test (PGIMFT) as a Guide for Early Pregnancy Diagnosis in cows
Y. Pavani, K. Mouli Krishna, K.Veerabramhaiah and K. Padmaja
Evaluating Endocervical Cytology, Oxidative Stress and Antioxidants in Subclinical Endometritis in Cows
G.Suman Kumar, K.Prabhakar Rao, K.Padmaja, Ch. Srilatha and K.Mouli Krishna
Productive Performance of Crossbred (Hampshire x Assam local) Pigs Maintained on Azolla Protein Substituted Feed
D. Hazarika, T. K. Amonge, R. N. Borpuzari, J. R. Bora, H. Hazarika and A. K. Gogoi
Haematobiochemical Changes of Layer Chicken in Experimental Aflatoxicosis
B. Abeena, A.J. George, R. Mohammed Shejir, N.D. Nair and C.B. Manomohan
Economic Analysis of Improved Dairying in Chitradurga District of Karnataka
K. Giridhar, A.V. Elangovan, Sharangouda, C.M. Pramod and P. Khandekar


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