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Table of Contents - Volume No. 94 - March - 2017

Incidence of External Opthalmomyiasis in Sheep Farm Workers
P.Senthilkumar, D.Jayanthi, L.Arun, V.Sankar, R.Rajkumar, S.Vinothraj and M.Anitha
A Quantitative Histological Study of the Liver of Pig (Sus Scrofa)
Jasvinder Singh Sasan, Anil Sharma, Kamal Sarma, Shalini Suri and M.R. Malik
Prevalence of Gastrointestinal Parasitic Infections in Pig in and around Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India
A.K. Singh, G. Das, S. Nath, Sahil Kumar, Ram Naresh and V. Agrawal
In vitro Cytotoxicity Assessment of Nano Selenium in Mice for its Biocompatibility as Feed Supplement
N.Arulnathan, R.Karunakaran, V. Balakrishanan, M. Chellapandian, K. Geetha and A. Sabareeswaran
Profile Characteristics of Field Veterinarians of Andhra Pradesh
Roshan Baig, R. Harilal, and G.R.K. Sharma
Prenatal Development of Bones of Hind Limb of Sheep
B.Supriya, P.Jagapathi Ramayya, V.Reddy Dhyana and T.S. Chandrasekhara Rao
Adaptation of Classical Swine Fever Virus in Cell Culture System and Confirmation by Electron Microscopy
V.S. Vadivoo, S.Rathnapraba, A.Ramesh, K.Logesh, S. Manoharan, A. Raja and K. Kumanan
Prepubertal Serum Progesterone Concentration and Age at Puberty in Vembur Sheep
R.Selvakkumar, T.Sivakumar, S.Meenakshi Sundaram and K.Thilak Pon Jawahar
Effect of Different Manure Treatment Methods on the Manurial Value of the Farmyard Manure
A. Thennarasu, T. Sivakumar, S. Meenakshi Sundaram, Thanga Thamil Vanan and V.M. Sankaran
Prediction of 305-Day Lactation Milk Yield from Part Lactation Yields in Jersey Crossbred Cows
S. Vinothraj, A. Subramanian, R. Venkataramanan, Cecilia Joseph, N. Sivaselvam and H. Gopi
Diagnosis and Outcome of Surgical Management of Cecal Dilatation in Bovine
Gurwinder Singh, N.S. Saini, Ashwani Kumar, J. Mohindroo and Manjinder Sharma
Management of Dystocia with Nape Presentation in a Jersey Crossbred Cow (Bos Taurus) by Mutation and Forced Traction
Safeeda Sultana Begum, Mokhtar Hussain, Prithviraj Majumder Barua and Simson Soren
Gastroscopic Retrieval of Foreign Body in a Pup - A Case Report
A.S.Shalini, G. Vijayakumar and K. Sasikala
Fetotomy in Monkey Mouth Buffalo Calf with Cleft Palate and Aplasia Cutis
Navdeep Singh, S.P.S. Ghuman, M.S. Shatab, Patel Maulik Kumar, M. Honparkhe and V.K. Singla
Hyphema as a Manifestation of Ehrlichiosis in Dog- A Case Report
M.A.Kshama, M.C.Anilkumar and C. Ansar Kamran
Delivery of Monster Fetus with Catlin Mark and Agnathia in Sheep - A Rare Case Report
Anand Kumar Pandey, Sandeep Kumar, Gyan Singh, Sonu Kumari, J.B. Phogat, Satbir Sharma, Lokesh Kumar and Dinesh Mittal
Recurrent Mast Cell Tumour in a Non-Descript Dog
K. Gopal, C. Balachandran, S. Vairamuthu, N. Pazhanivel and Ravisundar George
Polioencephalomalacia in Caprines - A Case Report
S.Prakash, M. Selvaraju, K. Ravikumar, S. Sivaraman, M. Palanisamy and A. Kumaresan
Intramuscular Disposition and Pharmacokinetics of Ceftizoxime in Female Goats
S.I. Bhatiya, S.K. Mody, H.B. Patel, R.D. Singh and R.R. Desai
Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia in a Labrador Dog
Solanki Asha, Mehta Mitali and H.K.Mehta
Comparative Performance of Non-Descript Goats and their Crossbreds with Beetal: A Field Study
P.K. Mallick, S.M. Prasad, R. Pourouchottamane and R.K. Mohanta
Abdominal Hernia with and without Colic in Horses
Arun Anand, Simrat Sagar Singh, Narinder S Saini, J. Mohindroo, V. Sangwan and S.K. Mahajan
Ultrastructural Changes in Low Grade Ochratoxicosis in Broiler Chicken
N. Sailaja, C. Balachandran, B. Murali Manohar, R. Sridhar, K. Kumanan and M. Lakshman


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