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Table of Contents - Volume No. 94 - February - 2017

Effect of Two Different Superstimulation Protocols on Follicular Dynamics and Oocyte Recovery in Buffaloes
Narinder Singh, G.S. Dhaliwal, V.S. Malik, Sumit Singhal, M. Honparkhe and P.S. Brar
Haemato-biochemical Observations in Experimentally Induced Cadmium Chloride Toxicity in Wistar Rats
Navdeep Kour, Shafiqur Rahman, Shagufta Azmi, Henna Wani and Maneesh Sharma
A Comparative Evaluation of Lead II Electrocardiograms Obtained from Labrador Retriever Dogs in Different Body Positions
S. Mohapatra, L. Swain, A. Gitika, L. Priyadarsini, T.Jyotiranjan, A.P.K. Mahapatra and A.K. Kundu
Detection of Campylobacter Jejuni in Chicken Meat by Polymerase Chain Reaction
S.Satheesh Raja, V. Appa Rao, R.Narendra Babu, A.Raja, Robinson J J Abraham and M.Thamizhannal
Effect of Azolla Supplementation on Production Performance of Nandanam – II Turkey Growers
A. Clement Ebenezer Henry, T. Lurthu Reetha, A. Paramasivam and C. Mehala
Effect of Different Packaging Methods on Microbial Quality of Chevon
D. Jayanthi, D. Shanthi, R. Narendra Babu, P.Senthilkumar and A. Kalaikannan
Serum Progesterone Profiles in Nellore Jodipi Ewes Synchronized by Different Doses of Prostaglandin F2 a
K. Praveen Kumar, K.V. Bramhaiah, G. Venkata Naidu, B. Ekambaram and N.V.V. Hari Krishna
Efficacy of Various Intrauterine Therapies against Uterine Infections in Repeat Breeding Cattle
M. Honparkhe, Ajeet Kumar, A.K. Singh, D. Dadarwal and G.S. Dhaliwal
Erratic Response to Treatment in Bitch with Pyometra and Ovarian Cysts
Nishi Pande, Mazar Ali Shah, Rajesh Agrawal, R.B. Kushwaha, Utsav Sharma and J.S. Soodan
Hydrometra with concurrent Cystic Endometrial Hyperplasia and Cystic Ovary in a Queen Cat
S. Rangasamy, E. Rachel Jemimah, P. Thangapandian, T. Sarath, B.S. Pradeep Kumar Nag and P. Sridevi
Multiple Cutaneous Papilloma in a Jersey Heifer
M. Ruthra, R. Madheswaran, S. Kanniappan, G.A. Balasubramaniam and A.Arulmozhi
A Case Report of Trypanosomosis in a American Pit Bull Dog
Sujata Turkar, S.K. Uppal, D. K. Gupta, Harkirat Singh, N.K. Sood, Nilesh Patil and Gagandeep Singla
Dystocia Due to Fetal Ascites with Brachynathism in a Doe
S. Prakash, M. Selvaraju, K. Ravikumar, M.Palanisamy and S.Manokaran
Ovarian Follicular Dynamics During Estrous Cycle in Dairy Buffalo
Devinder Singh, P.S. Brar, S.S. Dhindsa and M. Honparkhe
Epidemiological and Bacteriological Studies on Fibrosing Dermatitis in Poultry
Savita Kumari Meena, Hemant Dadhich and Anita Rathore
Demonstration of Bronchial Tree in Sheep with Silicone Resin Cast
S. Tamilselvan, S. Sivagnanam, C. Lavanya, K. Iniyah, S. Jayachitra and K. Balasundaram
Arthrogryposis, Hypospadias and Scoliosis in a Calf
B.K.Patra, U. Kumar, P. Pati, A. Kumar, A.K. Sahu, K.K. Nayak, S.S. Biswal and S. Das
A Rare Case of Dermal Squamous Cell Carcinoma in a Rose Ringed Parakeet (Psittacula Krameri)
J. Selvaraj, C. Theophilus Anand Kumar, M. Gogulakrishnan and Parimal Roy
Dystocia Due to Schistosomus Reflexus Fetus in Heifers - A Report of Two Cases
S.Prakash, M.Selvaraju, K.Ravikumar and M.Palanisamy
Dr B. Dhivya et al.


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