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IVJ website products/services and their charges: The following charges are prescribed for online utilization of IVJ website products/services:

Processing Fee: At the time of submission of an article for consideration for publication in IVJ, an amount of Rs. 200/- (US$ 20/-) must be paid to meet the expenditure towards refereeing, peer review of the article and related postal/online processing.

Publication Fee: On acceptance of an article for publication, an amount of Rs. 700/- (US$ 200/-) must be paid towards partially meeting the expenditure towards publication of the article.

Subscription Fee: Any interested person in the field of veterinary and animal sciences or related fields is welcome to be a subscriber to IVJ or payment of Rs. 700/- (US$ 200/-) as an annual subscriber for a period of January to December of a particular year or a payment of Rs. 6000/- as life time subscriber valid for ten years. All subscribers are entitled to receive free copies of the journal/online access to the journal for the concerned period. All the authors have to be subscribers to the IVJ on a continuous basis for considering their articles for publication. Regarding foreign authors, at least one of the authors of the article must be an annual subscriber for the IVJ.

Archival Fee: For gaining access to the archival contents of the IVJ for a particular year, a payment of Rs. 500/- (US$ 25/-) must be paid. The archival contents of the journal are presently available from the year 2009 onwards. Efforts are being made to digitize/microfilm the earlier volumes of IVJ and make them available to the readers on appropriate payment.

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