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Indian Veterinary Journal is the oldest professional journal representing the veterinary and animal husbandry professionals both at the academic and at the field level.  Since its inception in July, 1924, the journal has reached the hands of the subscribers on the dot of the day every first week, without a break. The contents of the journal are a reflection of research and technology development in the field of veterinary sciences currently going on in the country. The journal is a vehicle of technology transfer for application in the field in wide areas of animal production, health and welfare.  The journal particularly caters to the day-to-day needs of the field vet in updating his/her skills and knowledge through the clinical articles appearing in the journal. The full research papers which appear as general articles deal with frontline research endeavours in several disciplines under the field of veterinary and animal sciences, with major focus on technology development. The short communications establish a direct linkage of researchers with the readers through the journal through brief, but significant investigations meaningful to update the students, teachers, field vets and general readers.

The journal being the official organ of the IVA also is a carrier of news and views of the Indian Veterinary Association and documents methodically the history of the profession with the passage of time. It will be of great interest to go through the contents of the past issues of IVJ to reminiscence and refresh our memories with the landmarks crossed by the profession in its tireless march as time passes by. The Flash Back column attempts to just serve this purpose and look at the past events in the current perspective.

2017 - Volume No. 94

2016 - Volume No. 93

2015 - Volume No. 92

2014 - Volume No. 91

2013 - Volume No. 90

2012 - Volume No. 89

2011 - Volume No. 88

2010 - Volume No. 87

2009 - Volume No. 86