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The veterinary professionals engaged in teaching, research and veterinary practice bring out publications in the form of books which are of great interest to the students and teachers apart from the practicing vet. It is always the desire of the authors and publishers to bring such publications to the notice of the readers and subject those to critical reviews so that the publications can find their place in the hands of the interested readers and the shelves of relevant libraries. The reviews also provide opportunity to the authors to bring about improvements in their publications in subsequent prints and editions. 

The Book Reviews in IVJ endeavour to review critically analyse the contents of the books for the benefit of the authors, publishers and more than any one, the interested and prospective solicitors of the publications. While books envisage consolidating information in a particular area of interest, the book review places the contents of the book into an objective perspective. May be, such reviews motivate more and more teachers and researchers to come out with more such valuable publications to fulfil the ever growing need for holistic information in every area of veterinary and animal sciences.

2017 - Volume No. 94

2016 - Volume No. 93

2015 - Volume No. 92

2014 - Volume No. 91

2013 - Volume No. 90

2012 - Volume No. 89

2011 - Volume No. 88

2010 - Volume No. 87

2009 - Volume No. 86