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The Indian Veterinary Journal has a wide circulation throughout the world. Innumerable veterinary and animal science institutions, libraries, research institutes, livestock and poultry farms, several universities, field stations and veterinary clinics, both public and private subscribe to the journal apart from over 5000 individual subscribers across the globe. The journal is known for its regularity and high quality of contents, serving the veterinary profession for more than eight decades. It is a powerful medium for advertisement of various products, proprietary medicines, drugs, pharmaceuticals, feeds, feed supplements, biologicals, equipment, machinery, livestock and poultry products. Announcements of livestock fairs, shows, events, recruitments and publications can be made through advertisement in the journal. Advertisement material in the form of Art print, positive print or CD must be sent prior to the 1st of the preceding month in which the advertisement will be published.

Table of Contents - Volume No. 94 - July - 2017



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